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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

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PushOk vs Igloo

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The Jalindi Igloo is the first quite successful tool created for SCC integration. Many thanks to Graham Robertson, its developer. Our opening of CVS for ourselves was due to him, and we are very happy about it. But right from its creation, Igloo contained many problems and/or bugs. Several times we asked Graham to fix them and suggested our help, but without any success: Graham had no time for bug fixing, and his code was not complete and looked more like a junkyard than like a stable and reliable code. So we decided to create our own tool (not based on the Igloo code) in order to fix bugs we have found in Igloo. We hope that we succeeded in doing that, and working with our plug-in will be more comfortable than with Igloo. Please see the following table of comparisons.

# Comparative item descriptions PushOk CVS Jalindi Igloo Comments
1 Basic operations: checkin, checkout, undo chekout 100% 80% In Igloo, checkin operation for a non-modified file does not make the file 'read only'.
2 Remove from source control 100% 50% In Igloo the file is deleted from its location. Deleting of a file is incorrect and very dangerous.
3 Show differences 100% 80% In Igloo the partial content is sometimes extracted, and an external merge tool is needed, while PushOk contains integrated merge tool.
4 Conflict resolving 100% 0% Sometimes conflicts occur during the concurrent access to the source. The Igloo tool does not handle conflicts at all, and you have to resolve conflicts in non-visual mode browsing the code for CVS conflict markers. It is not important for the source files, but the conflict in the project file can make your project inaccessible and prevent it from opening. PushOk handles these conflicts the same way as Source Safe does. It shows visual conflict editor before the IDE accesses the file and gives you a chance to resolve the conflict before the problem appears.
5 History browsing 100% 5% PushOk can show history for both the file and the project. The history dialog allows to compare different versions, to view any version of the file, to annotate the file and to view log message. Iglo only launches CVS log in output window.
6 Handle file types on addition 100% 0% Due to CVS features, it is very important to specify the file type (text, binary, Unicode) during file addition. The incorrectly added binary file (added as a text) becomes unusable. Igloo does not handle this problem, while PushOk suggests both the automatic type recognition strategy and handling of manually configured file type, based on the extension. In most cases the automatic type recognition works excellently.
7 Get latest version 100% 50% The SCC interface provides means for handling new files that appear in repository, but are not currently known to IDE. I.e. some other developer adds new files to the project and updates the workspace file. But your IDE does not know about it, and will not get them from repository without any special support from SCC provider. Igloo does not handle this situation, while PushOk supplies IDE with information about new files, and you are enabled to get the latest versions easily.
8 Open from source control 100% 10% Correctly implemented operation in PushOK allows dealing with WebProjects, while Igloo does not.
9 Add to source control 100% 50% Both tools can perform this operation quite successfully. But Igloo displays the connection dialog every time when a new folder is added to repository. PushOk implements special processing procedure to handle this situation internally and does not bother you with stupid questions.
10 Different operational modes 0% 50% See details at our faq page
11 Progress and cancellation 100% 50% Both tools display progress dialog for CVS operations. But Igloo bothers you with this dialog every time you run a CVS operation, while PushOK makes this smarter. Firstly, PushOk progress dialog is smaller and more informative. It contains a copy of output window, since the output window in some IDE's cannot be displayed while CVS is working. Secondly, the progress dialog can be configured to be shown or not, and after which delay it should be displayed. The cancellation works instantly, while in Igloo it does not work at all.
12 CVS support 100% 50% Igloo accesses CVS via old WinCVS dll, while PushOk can use any executable CVS you like. This makes the PushOk tool compatible with all CVS ports, even those that will be created in future.
13 Configuration 70% 20% Igloo practically does not support configuration for the basic CVS options, while the PushOK configuration dialog contains many standard options to configure CVS protocol and appearance.
14 Support and bugs handling 100% 0% The development of Igloo has been stopped more than a year ago. We plan to continue active development of PushOK, and we will answer (and currently answer) users' questions concerning working with CVS and IDE. Of course our tool may contain bugs, just as any other program, but we will fix them ASAP.
15 Stability 80% 50% No comments, try both tools to compare.

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