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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.


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I am very impressed with the SCC Interface product. I have been making a futile movement to get my company to move away from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Having used ClearCase and PVCS in the past, SourceSafe is a joke. As a small company, however, it has been sufficient for us in the past.
As we grow, SourceSafe is becoming more and more of a nuisance. Unfortunately, because of our size, we donít have the time or the resources to spend switching systems. Your product adds significant substance to my case. If I spend the time to configure all of the clients properly and manage the CVS system, our branches and releases myself, my coworkers need not even know that the configuration management system has changed. I have CVSNT installed on my PC and a pared down version of our VSS database, and aside from some initial configuration issues, the PushOK software couldnít be more seamless.

04.08.07 Jason Mast (Master Innovations)

Thanks for all the work you already done on this tool, i think it's already far better than igloo.

03.07.22 Jean-Charles Perrier

I used the new PushokCVSSCC.dll and this now seems to work fine in offline mode. Thank you!

03.07.02 Curtis Faith

Thanks for the great work you're doing with the CVS SSC proxy. I'm new to CVS and think you've done a super job in getting this integration in place.

03.06.20 Nigel Elis

Thanks... that worked great! Better than great... after the uninstall I didn't have to apply the .REG file... everything went back to normal.

03.06.17 Rob MacFayden

I've been using your product for a while and I think it's great, very useful.

03.06.15 Al Albano

For the first: I use your cvs proxy and for general it works very well and it is the tool I was searching for!

03.06.14 Klaus Muck

First of all I am very pleased someone has started improving Jalindi Igloo, because it's development has been stopped. It was unusable especially under VB because of a lot of bugs. I hope your effort will be more successful.

03.06.04 Oleg Babyak

Great! The plugin configuration tool now fits all our needs, so that the combination CVS+winCVS+SCCProxy has replaced MS-VSS completely in my environment. I will introduce this solution to my collegues next week.

03.06.09 Stefan Ungermach

It works perfect! Thank you! You just saved me $5,000, simply by allowing me to use CVS rather than a commercial product!

03.06.05 Marc LaFleur

Thank you for a greate product. I tested it with VS.Net and it works greate compare to other product. However I wonder if it support all protocol.

03.06.02 Ruwen Jin

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