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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

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Smart Items  --> download / more info / get quote / buy now / try now

Smart Items

This program is destined for creation and management of collections of items. The program enables virtual customization of different items: CDs, DVDs, books, stamps, photos and so on. This is possible because the program allows modifying or creating item data descriptions. In addition to standard functions of programs of that kind, SmartItems supports: loan manager, printing or exporting to HTML, unlimited two-level tree-structured categories, detailed search, folder icons customization, native full-featured viewers for PDA.

The main purpose of the program is providing means for organizing your collection of items in the most flexible and simple fashion, enabling powerful search and filtering and supporting powerful build-in loan manager. Free multiplatform viewers and exporting to HTML functions can make your collection public accessible. PDA viewers will help you to organize virtual show of your collection to your friends without risk of damage of real items. The program will also help you to verify availability of a particular item in your collection when you go to a shop to purchase new items.

With SmartItems you will have no duplicated items, no forgotten lent items and well organized collection of item accessible for the entire world at your wish. Keep your items in the right place!

CVS SCC plug-in  --> download / more info / get quote / buy now / try now

CVS SCC plug-in

When we started to use Microsoft IDE, we believed that Visual Source Safe is a non-alternative source control tool. And also we thought that we never need something else. But we were wrong! Microsoft VSS have too many limitations such as: too big source database size, the absence of development branches support, the absence database access via WEB and so on. These limitations are not so appreciable, if you are working in a small team at small projects. But at some moment we have reached its limits, so we started to search more powerful analog.

What have we found? Lots of tools, but they were too expensive, and we were not sure that they were much better than MS VSS. When we were practically in despair, we found CVS to our luck. This is an old tool, which came from UNIX. It is a very powerful tool, but it has not good integration with MS IDE, and that is a big minus. After using it for some period of time we wrote our own CVS SCC integration plug-in, which is available here.

SVN SCC plug-in  --> download / more info / get quote / buy now / try now

SVN SCC plug-in

SVN is another source control system, targeted as replacement for CVS. It claims that it fixes some problems of CVS, like handling of binary files, speed, atomic commits and so on. However, based on our experience we cannot say that it is really better than CVS. This is a big question, answer for which each user should provide based on his experience.

Our purpose is to provide users, which select SVN as source control system with the same quality plug-in as we build for CVS. Hope we solve that task, and now offer first beta version of such plug-in. We hope, that user feedback will help us to make it the best tool to work with SVN from any SCC enabled IDE.

Pushok SEMA  --> download / more info

Pushok SEMA

This is our internal project that now published under term of GNU GPL license. This is our attempt to create free, but useful project management application for small (startup) company. Currently it is on beta stage, which is enough for internal usage. We believe that we will find individuals or other groups who will be interested to take part or contribute something in its development.

SCC Dispatcher  --> download / more info

SCC Dispatcher

SCC Dispatcher is a program that transparently switches different SCC API providers. It is a tiny SCC API proxy, which enables switching on SCC API level. All communications are redirected to a specific provider. This allows implementation of transparent switching. In other words, you don't have to check which provider is active now. You can just launch the IDE and open your project. SCC Dispatcher will automatically choose the correct provider for you.

Video Surveliance  --> download / more info

Video Surveliance

Video surveillance system (VSS) is a software analog of a real hardware based system. This means that the program system has the same characteristics as its hardware equivalent: speed, scalability, extensibility and smart and flexible control.

We started development of this system of one of our customers. Unfortunately he did not pay us for its development. Well, no problem, we decided. Just finish this system and try to sell it ourself. Certain time after breakage of contracted development for this problem we spent in improving and development of this system. However we was not have the sufficient resources at that time. So, the development of system was paused for long time (2 years).

For present time we found some resources to make the working system prototype and flash demonstration. This is sufficient to get general representation on program concept and ideas. Right now we are looking for partner/investor or anybody who will be interesting to finish this system and brings it power to end-users.

Right now we are absolutely sure that we cannot manage this task alone. Only our yang age and lack of experience makes possible to spend our efforts on its development in the nearest past. It is just tiresome for us to let this system to die.

SVN COM/ActiveX  --> download / more info


SVNCOM is a set of COM objects designed to provide subversion functionality for purposes of automatization without direct usage of sources or command line client. On Windows OS, COM binding will allow access to subversion almost from any place: .NET code, native Win32 code, vbs scripts (standalone, VB for applications, ASP etc). So you can use subversion in your programs and automatizations scripts easy.

GIT SCC plug-in  --> download / more info

GIT SCC plug-in

GIT is distributed source control system initially developed for managing of Linux kernel sources. Distributed sources control system provides essential functionalities for large source trees and comfortable work in decentralized environment.

Our GIT SCC plug-in brings power of distributed source control systems into lot of Windows IDE with support of SCCI API. New challenges lead us to new solutions that implemented in this plug-in. It has completely different architecture than used for CVS and Subversion plug-ins.

Currently GIT SCC plug-in is published for preview. It has almost all features we planned to implement but still under testing and development. We already start to use it on some of our internal projects. If you interested in GIT for your IDE take a look to our plug-in and give us your suggestions now.

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