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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

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15 FEB 2010 - Version (1.5/2.2).0.6
ADJ Updated build-in conflict editor and merge tool. Added support for files with unix linebreaks and improoved color highlighting.
08 FEB 2010 - Version
BUG Fixed the bug in GetLatest comand, causing in some cases a recursive update of all project when you try to GetLatest for single file.
06 AUG 2009 - Version (1.5/2.2).0.4
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
14 JUL 2009 - Version (1.5/2.2).0.RC3
BUG Fixed freeze bug which is caused by incorrect behavior of progress dialog in several of IDE
BUG Reenabled catching of windows exceptions (SEH)
15 JUN 2009 - Version (1.5/2.2).0.RC2
ADJ Several bug fixes applied for x64 installation package.
ADJ SwitchScc utility has been ported to x64 platform.
BUG Fixed regression bug in SccPopulateList function which prevents submitting of known files to IDE
ADJ Corrected behavior of SccDiff and SccQueryInfo functions to provide more correct information when file has difference against repository. This fix improves PowerBuilder functionality.
ADJ Added ability to make a true diff of local file with repository when corresponding options are specified for SccDiff function. This fix also greatly affect PowerBuilder behavior.
30 APR 2009 - Version (1.5/2.2).0.RC0
NEW The plugins' source code was transfered to modern platform and it gave us opportunity to compile 64 bit version of the plugins.
NEW Add new option "Close progress dialog window in 'X' seconds of inactivity.".
NEW Add new option "Remove local changes when updating files before checkout/undo checkout.".
11 FEB 2008 - Version (1.4/2.1).2.5
BUG Now we create subprojects in the parent project folder instead of repository root. Also we use requested project name as the base name for the new subproject when creating unique names with "_N" ending.
BUG CVSROOT selection dialog could be locked if user clicks on Visual Studio IDE controls when "login" dialog appears. In this case the IDE will be locked too, because CVSROOT selection dialog could not be closed. (It seems that we should not open two modal dialogs with the same parent simultaneously due to MFC limitations).
ADJ Don't create progress window if corresponding option is turned off (in order to improve compatibility with different buggy IDEs).
Use 'ls' when getting repository listing or checking module existence. Added new option in CVSROOT settings that allows user to select preferred method. Browsing for module should work much faster now, especially for large repositories.
27 SEP 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).2.4
BUG Bug with adding spare system folders while working with MS Access is fixed.
22 AUG 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).2.3
BUG Fixed "freezing" of PowerBuilder on connecting project to Source Control.
BUG Fixed save settings error in Vista.
ADJ Improved Progress dialog performance.
ADJ Disabled background checking of online/offline server through :ext: protocol.
16 JUL 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).2.2
NEW Very comfortable option item "Commit log" is added in history dialog.
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
5 JUL 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).2.RC1
NEW The additional option, which affects the getting of virtual modules.
NEW Compatibility with MadCap Flare is added.
BUG Fixed progress dialog «freezing» .
BUG Fixed memory leak.
BUG Fixed Bug with dialog “Modules tree”, when list of virtual models can't be obtained.
BUG Was fixed some problems with using ":ext:" protocol.
BUG Caching of used repository fixed.
BUG Fixed bug with getting solution, kept in various repositories.
ADJ Time in “History” dialog is displayed correctly for now.
ADJ Plugin operational speed on taking project under control is improved.
27 APR 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).1.3
NEW Opportunity of expanded project's receiving from "Connect to CVS" dialog is added.
BUG Internal status cache functioning is corrected.
BUG Adding new folders to existing project is corrected.
23 MAR 2007 - Version
BUG Fixed issue with checking existence of MODULE in the repository.
14 MAR 2007 - Version (1.4/2.1).1.1
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
26 FEB 2007 - Version 1.4.1.RC0/2.1.1.RC0
NEW The opportunity to work with alias modules defined in MODULES and MODULES2 administrative files is added.
NEW Bind to CVS dialog is extended by ability to specify date, tag or branch which will be used for initial pulling of files.
NEW The option "Replace expanded CVS keywords with their original values before tool invocation." is added to help exclude "dummy" conflicts.
NEW Added ability to specify monitoring folders for PushOk RWMON. Earlier only disks were available for configuration.
ADJ Added ability to change module in project history mode of History dialog.
ADJ Minor enhancements are implemented in the conflict detection logic.
ADJ PushOK RWMON now correctly process the case of initial pulling of files from repository.
BUG Fixed issue in PushOk RWMON with wrong processing of some "Entries" files.
BUG Fixed several minor issues with History dialog.
BUG Fixed issue with outdated plug-in cache wich sometime cause wrong status determination.
BUG Fixed glitches with "waiting cursor" which appeared occasionally.
23 JAN 2007 - Version
NEW Plug-ins are VISTA compatible.
NEW Progress bar in RWMonitor was added.
NEW The page of editing of auxiliary lists (list of known ROOTs, list of known MODULEs, list of known TAGs) was added.
NEW The page of editing of cvswrappers was added.
ADJ Some typing errors in the English translation was corrected.
ADJ Creating the MODULE in the repository was changed from using "import" command to using "add" + "commit" commands.
16 NOV 2006 - Version
BUG Fixed issues with adding of binary files when file type is explicitly supplied by IDE.
BUG Fixed issue using check-in Template.
ADJ Added warning message when user attempts to change source control bindings to incompatible settings which requires to use "svn switch" first.
ADJ Slightly changed conflict resolution logic to prevent appearing of conflict markers when user declines suggestion to resolve conflict right after update.
1 AUG 2006 - Version
ADJ CVS clients have been updated to .
19 JUL 2006 - Version (1.4/2.1).0.6
ADJ Fixed issue with false triggering of warning message about inconsistency with server type.
10 JUL 2006 - Version (1.4/2.1).0.5
ADJ Added verbose message when plug-in tries to work with server which it is not designed for.
BUG Fixed issue with empty tag browser dialog.
19 JUN 2006 - Version 1.4/2.1 RC4
ADJ Fixed some speed degradation issues (one more) if to compare with older versions
ADJ Fixed work with version on branch.
ADJ Added new variables for diff and merge - %file_name, %first_rev, %second_rev, %ancestor_rev.
18 MAY 2006 - Version 1.4/2.1 RC3
ADJ Fixes for MS Embedded VC++ 4.0
BUG Fixed long delay with appearance of progress dialog when configuration option of showing delay is set to 0.
4 MAY 2006 - Version 1.4/2.1 RC2
ADJ Fixed some speed degradation issues if to compare with older versions
ADJ Fixed issue with CVSROOT formatted with CVSNT style. The sample of such CVSROOT is :pserver;user=john;server=cvsserv:/cvsrep.
ADJ Help file is updated to reflect last changes.
24 APR 2006 - Version 1.4/2.1 RC1
NEW Support of new SCC API 1.3. This greatly increases plug-in usability and provides better compatibility with VS 2005.
NEW Improved procedure of conflict resolution. Now it is possible to resolve conflict at any time and not only right after it appears.
NEW Added support for 3-way compare tools for conflict resolutions.
NEW Added new utility - PushokRWMon. This utility solves issue with read-only files behavior. PushokRWMon runs in background and monitor changes of "entries" files adjusting read-only flag as necessary. It enables it when file is not "checked out" and disables otherwise.
NEW Added new utility - PushokCVSTools. Right now this utility has two extra function that we not found in other CVS GUI: changing of server binding and deleting of temporary files. Both functions are relatively simple but useful. The first function recursively replaces content of "/cvs/root" making possible to change server name or user name without re-pulling sources. The second function recursively erases some temporary files which produced by CVS during work.
NEW Installer now is MSI based.
ADJ CVS clients have been updated for both plug-in series. However there are no any extra functionality is added
ADJ Progress dialog now appears more correctly.
ADJ Implemented fixes for compatibility with Micorsoft FoxPro.
ADJ Implemented fixes for compatibility with SlickEdit.
ADJ "Bind to CVS" (Open from source control) now appears without delays.
Version 1.3.9_060206 (2006 February 06)
BUG Fixed issue with losing editors record on server after showing diff or history dialogs. This issue caused the damage of reserved checkouts mechanism.
BUG Fixed issue with cvs subfolders, now they marked as hidded. This issue caused wrong behavior working with VS.2005 web projects.
Version 2.0.8_050927 (2005 September 27)
BUG Fixed issue with cvs subfolders, now they marked as hidded. This issue caused wrong behavior working with VS.2005 web projects.
Version (2.0/1.3).6_050705
NEW Added support for commit template message in the commit guard dialog.
BUG Fixed problem with conflict resolver window which sometime not appears on file merge.
BUG Fixed problem with program registration.
Version (2.0/1.3).3_050503
ADJ Speed optimizations that will decrease time for initial (open from)/(add to) source control up to 30%.
ADJ All plug-in windows now correctly handle the parent window submitted by IDE.
ADJ New function of module verification. It works faster and more precise.
BUG Fixed some problems with handling :ext: protocol.
BUG Fixed problem with incorrect displaying of initial import branch in history dialog.
Version 1.2_050503 current version (2005 May 03)
BUG Fixed problem with incorrect displaying of initial import branch in history dialog.
Version 1.(2/3.2)_050419
BUG Fixed problem that cause plug-in to freeze some time after exiting from IDE or reopening project.
BUG Fixed problem with wrong display of option "enable rename monitor".
BUG Fixed problem that can cause proxy freezing on very slow connections.
Version 2.0.2_050419
NEW Version tested, adjusted and approved to use with CVS NT 2.5.01 and client. It is recommended to upgrade both the server and plug-in for new CVS NT server. The old version 2.0.58d have some minor bugs in new functionality (strict lock and rename support).
ADJ Improved speed of function that check presence of module at repository.
BUG Fixed problem that cause plug-in to freeze some time after exiting from IDE or reopening project.
BUG Fixed problem with wrong display of option "enable rename monitor".
BUG Fixed problem with "Browse repository" dialog. Sometime it nor shown modules correctly.
BUG Fixed problem that can cause proxy freezing on very slow connections.
Version (2.0/1.3).0_050329
NOTE Version 2.0 of CVS SCC plug-in will got new name "CVS SCC Proxy NT". This is to make clear that this version oriented to CVS NT. Currently it works only with CVS NT client (2.0.58d) but with any servers. However, due to some specific options that supported on CVS NT and not supported on generic CVS it work slower for the last.
NOTE Version 1.3 is direct successor of version 1.2. It can be safely used for upgrade. Consider to use version 2.0 only for CVS NT 2.0.58 and later.
NEW Support for new CVS NT server (>2.0.58) and client.
NEW Rename support. Both with CVS NT rename function and simulation through remove/add sequence.
NEW Delete monitoring support. Now we can guarantee the deleting of files from repository, even if IDE not care on this.
NEW Server dependant options. Now include options for SSH and encryption.
NEW True exclusive checkouts with CVS NT server
NEW Commit message guard which will check existence of commit message and request is as needed.
NEW 10-20% faster speed on CVS NT server
NEW More safe conflict resolution. Now it is not possible to commit file until you really resolve conflict.
NEW Support for keyword substitution option for update and diff dialog.
ADJ Fixes for compatibility with PLSQL developer.
ADJ More correct installer/uninstaller.
ADJ More safe and fast online/offline check
ADJ Localization files now compatible with GNU gettext po/mo files. Any modifications or even new languages are welcome. Localization sources con be found in \locale_src subfolder.
BUG Visual conflict resolver does not appears when conflicts occurs on version merge.
Version 1.2.050211
ADJ Fixes for compatibility with PLSQL developer.
ADJ The latest log message is used for commit operations if it is not specified in IDE (hidden comments).
BUG Fixed problem with status determination when local folder is not on main branch.
BUG Solved problem when log messages contain lines with "-----------" or "===========" substrings.
Version 1.2.040806
NEW Added support for 3-way merge tools (araxis or kdiff3).
NEW Added support for new CVS NT client option "cvs edit -z". This option allows to compress files in "CVS/base" folder. This reduces space occupied by cvs sundbox and prevent doubling of search results. Support fot this option now exist also in TortoiseCVS.
NEW Added option to use "cvs ls" command. Command supported by CVS NT server. Swithing on this option you can improve plug-in speed.
NEW Plug-in now shipped with CVS NT 2.0.51a. This version tested and approved to use with plug-in.
NEW Added support for 3-way merge tools (araxis or kdiff3)
ADJ Several speed optimizations for "Get latest operation". Now plug-in work faster for large projects. Optimization aslo applies to *unix cvs server users. Option to sinc file name case with server work much faster.
ADJ Removed annoying message that appears on adding already registered in CVS files to VS .NET IDE.
BUG Fixed bug that cause access lock for all folders inside project.
BUG Fixed bug with loosing changes in PB after calling History dialog.
Version 1.2.040528
ADJ Option to store state of "Advanced options for Get Latest" dialog is added.
ADJ Support for PowerBuilder SCC API extension is provided. Now integration with PB works better: status is refreshed more correctly, and version numbers are shown in "Library Painter".
ADJ Fixes for compatibility with MS Access IDE are made.
ADJ Fixes for compatibility with Quest SQL Navigator are made.
BUG Now multi-line log messages are handled correctly.
BUG Now advanced option "Get latest" is available in PowerBuilder 9.
Version 1.2.040426
ADJ Installation now contains CVS NT 2.0.38 client. This version of CVS NT fixes annoying bug with binary files "duplicate -kb request". A new action is also added - testing of CVS NT for compatibility with our plug-in and absence of serious bugs. See appropriate page for details.
ADJ Horizontal scroll bar is added to "Choose files for history" dialog.
BUG Small changes that prevent appearing of annoying messages about incorrect solution and project bindings are made to "VS .NET" binding logic.
BUG Some bugs affecting comparing branches with BASE version are fixed in "Diff" dialog.
BUG Fixes bugs for Power Builder. PB re-imports a file modified in history dialog to the library object.
BUG Bug with plug-in operation on extremely large folders (>2000 files) is fixed.
Version 1.2.040330
ADJ Small Power Builder usability fix preventing status output and leaving search results window unchanged.
ADJ More clear status messages appear during automatic merging in "get latest version" operation.
NEW German and Spanish translations. Other localizations are welcome. As promised, we open "free" license for every person who contributed to creation of these localization files.
BUG Case sensitivity in file names for 'diff' and 'history' operations working with *unix server sometimes caused problems. Now they are solved.
Version 1.2.040316
ADJ Power Builder fixes. Fortunately we have a license for PB and test plug-in to this system on our side. Several adjustments are implemented that increase speed and resolve some status definition problems for this system. Help files are modified and now contain instructions how to add and pull projects in Power Builder. We recommend PB users to upgrade the software to the new version.
NEW French and Romanian translations. Other localizations are welcome. As promised, we open "free" license for every person who contributed to creation of these localization files.
NEW Option to ignore incompatibility with offline options when you are disconnected with server (reserved checkout, update before checkout...). This option is not safe, but can be useful for experienced users.
NEW Option to display, compare and view non-modal applications. Now you can open compare windows for several files. However, temporary files are not deleted from the temporary folder.
ADJ Functions of retrieving of specific file revisions now use another CVS command to avoid "extra end of line" problem with last versions of CVS server. New functionality is more safe for binary files.
ADJ Some performance fixes resulting from software adoptation for PB.
BUG Problems with offline undo checkout operation are solved.
Version 1.2.040223
NEW Netherlands and traditional Chinese localizations are added. Other localizations are welcome. As promised, we open "free" license for every person who contributed to creation of these localization files.
ADJ Performance fix. Unnecessary "query file status" requests to VS.2003 are deleted from "open from source control" operation.
ADJ Performance fix. Unnecessary "query file status" requests to VB 6.0 are deleted from "create from source control" operation.
ADJ Now status of a non-changed file in WinCVS after "checkin" operation is not "red", if there are no actual changes. The problem arose from the fact that WinCVS considered changes in file date as "changes in file".
Version 1.2.040216
NEW Complete documentation is prepared and made available (it is available online and is shipped with the plug-in). Docs cover all aspects of CVS integration: plug-in/CVS server installation, newbie course, basic operations, advanced operations, hints.
NEW Enhanced TAG/BRANCH/REVISION support is provided. Options to create/delete/get branches or tags inside IDE are provided. It is also possible to merge branches. Full control over project or single file is enabled. Now plug-in covers 95% of CVS functionality, and there is no need in using and learning other CVSGUI applications.
NEW Tags/branches browser window.
NEW Enhanced history dialog. Available options: changing of a file type, sticky to some version or branch, specific version overwriting, revisions deleting, comments changing.
NEW Advanced file status determination mode. Now plug-in can report almost all possible SCC file states. Now it reports: 'sticky date/tag in effect', 'checkout by someone else', 'need update/patch', 'reserved checkout in effect'. This allows to organize development process more effectively.
NEW Internalization. All string resources are placed to external text files. Currently available languages are: English, Dutch, Russian. New language files are welcome. We promise to grant free license as a compensation for those who provide language files.
ADJ Improved function for automatic file type determination. Now it works more precisely.
ADJ Now the plug-in is shipped with CVS NT client version 2.0.24.
ADJ Now CVS "copy" conflicts are also handled by the plug-in. A tool that can merge binary files which are copied on conflict can be useful.
ADJ General help for CVS is included into the installation package.
BUG The problem with explicit file types configuration is fixed.
BUG Now projects are recompiled after 'undo checkout' operation. A special fix is implemented for this purpose.
Version 1.1.040123
ADJ Now Diff dialog uses real file extension instead of .tmp. This affects some external diff tools requiring known file type for comparing.
ADJ Implemented functionality for smart online/offline mode monitoring. Earlier it was possible to work offline. But when the network was available, and the only CVS server was not (you were outside VPN or intranet), users encountered long delays in plug-in response. Now offline state is determined automatically, and unnecessary CVS calls are eliminated. Now you can work comfortably regardless of repository availability.
ADJ "YesToAll" selection is implemented for offline 'checkout'/'undo checkout' operations.
ADJ The amount of unnecessary requests to server is reduced. Specific caching algorithms are implemented for this purpose.
ADJ Some enchantments are implemented for "Connect to CVS dialog". Now module path is automatically added to local path, and browse button keeps this part of local path.
ADJ Option to retrieve exact file name case from server. Enhancement is very important when repository is served by LINUX CVS server. Windows is not case sensitive OS, and file names are stored in IDE without any rules. UNIX CVS is case sensitive, and it may become impossible to retrieve added file later, if IDE provides invalid file case. Now it does not matter what is stored in IDE, file case will be corrected using server information. Option is switched OFF by default.
ADJ "Update file before undo checkout" option is implemented (PB compatibility fix).
ADJ "YesToAll" selection is implemented for 'undo checkout'.
BUG VS 6 does not reload dsp file when it is changed after 'get latest'.
BUG For some Linux servers file log does not show every even version.
BUG When conflict occurs, conflicted file is processed incorrectly and contains UNIX style line breaks instead of WINDOWS style line breaks. This bug is affective for VB developers.
BUG "Keep checkout" option has no effect on file addition (but it works for 'checkin' operation). No option is available that is processed correctly for both operations.
BUG Module selected in 'Browse for module dialog' is sometimes incorrectly passed to the parent dialog.
Version 1.1.031029
ADJ New simplified registration procedure is implemented.
ADJ Fixes for multi-edit 8-9 compatibility are made.
BUG Now log messages can contain double quotes.
ADJ Functions for status determination are modified. Now the plug-in works faster, which is especially important for large projects.
Version 1.1.030924
ADJ New dialog for browsing CVS repository folders (modules) is added to CVS connect dialog (when you initially add or get code). In contrast to WinCVS, it works with Unix and Windows CVS servers.
ADJ Enhanced support for case sensitive UNIX repositories is provided. Now get/add operations with UNIX servers work more smoothly.
ADJ Now options dialog can be accessed from the IDE advanced button.
ADJ New options for status definition procedures are added. Now it is possible to send status requests to server (that is more correct) and make local assumptions on file status. The second option is tricky, but it can dramatically increase connection speed, especially for low bandwidth connections. Please note that this option is really tricky and can cause unpredictable results. It is tested for MS 6.0 and .NET environments, but in other systems its behavior is unknown.
ADJ Preprocessing of CVSROOT is removed. Sometimes preprocessing makes CVSROOT invalid (for example, changes '\' to '/' in user name when user name contains domain part). Please remember that UNIX CVS server requires '/' slashes in repository path.
ADJ Possibility to make diffs offline between checkouted files and their pre-checkouted versions (usual case) is provided.
ADJ Now login command is supported for :sspi: protocol. Earlier the support was limited to :pserver:. But as we know :sspi: also requires login when server is accessed from domain outside.
Version 1.1.030911
ADJ Power Builder compatibility fixes, version 8 and 9.
ADJ Functions of checking status of repository files are implemented. Now it is possible to get new files automatically when they appear in repository.
ADJ Optimized protocol for low bandwidth connections (modem).
ADJ For more compatibility with SourceSafe, new options for file updating during checkout operation are added.
BUG Now diff against last repository revision is performed against HEAD revision, but not against BASE revision, since BASE is not the latest repository revision.
BUG In offline mode diff operation hangs.
BUG Sometimes it is not possible to checkin a conflicted file, even if the conflict is resolved.
REM VC .NET users of versions later than 1.1.030816 should rebind solutions to take advantage of new versions.
Version 1.1.030816
BUG The problem with VB "binary files" (frx, ctx and other) is fixed.
BUG SCC bind logic is fixed in order to make "get from SCC" operation more correct.
ADJ Operation "Open from source control" is improved. Now its work is 100% compatible with SCC API.
ADJ Support for VS.NET "WEB PROJECTS" is provided.
ADJ Support for TAGS is provided. Now you can get specified branch directly from IDE. This is especially important for "Web projects", since they cannot be pulled directly with CVS, and only our plug-in allows doing this.
ADJ Now installation is shipped with CVS.exe version CVSNT instead of (alpha), since we found out that the latter contains some major bugs.
ADJ Now installation is shipped with SCC switch utility.
ADJ Fixes for Ratinoal Rose support are provided.
ADJ Now history command displays file chooser dialog, when IDE asks to show history for several files.
ADJ Offline checkin/chekout support is provided.
Version 1.1.030801
ADJ The concurrent/reserved checkout improvements:
  • Message box for concurrent edit warning is provided.
  • Option _always_ use reserved checkout for non-mergeable (usually binary files) is added. This is not a warning, this is a strict rule preventing file checkout if the file is edited by another user. Option is switched on by default.
  • Option _always_ use reserved checkout for _all_ files is added. This is not a warning, this is a strict rule preventing file checkout if the file is edited by another user. Option is switched on by default.
  • ADJ Message box for checkin confirmation is provided when conflict occurs while checkin.
    ADJ Now options dialog is accessible from the options menu for IDE's for its support (usually non-Microsoft).
    Version 1.0.030717
    BUG The problem with opening workspace or project in offline mode is fixed.=> IMPORTANT for those who want to work with CVS offline.
    BUG When conflicts occur the visual conflict solver is not shown, and local parts of conflict lines are lost. => VERY IMPORTANT, especially for teams working in concurrent mode.

    Version 1.0.030622
    BUG For an open project SCC operation IDE is not disabled, and it is possible to close IDE while CVS is working.
    BUG The function of list of files preparing for a specified SCC operation works incorrectly, and the list includes unnecessary files. The bug appears only in non-MS IDE's.
    BUG For IDE's having it's own cancel button, the button is not properly shown.
    BUG For non-visual operations IDE is not disabled, and it is possible to close IDE while CVS is working.
    BUG In "Connect to repository dialog" the CVSROOT length is limited to the combobox field length.
    BUG The log message is not shown in history dialog.
    BUG Cancel button in our progress dlg does not work.
    BUG Our progress dlg sometime remains open after the SCC operation is completed.
    BUG Software works incorrectly when CVS/Root file does not contain CrLf at the end of a file.
    BUG The CVSROOT is pre-selected incorrectly in "connect to CVS repository" dialog.
    BUG The plug-in works incorrectly when you try to add to repository folders with spaces in names.
    ADJ To make displaying of longer messages possible, our progress dlg is enlarged.
    ADJ Now project history shows only the history of the current project.

    Version 1.0.030530
    BUG Sometimes the tool hangs during checkin operations. The reason is that CVS.exe is trying to revert changes of checkin.
    BUG An error on server side makes the program registration key invalid each 1-4 days. This software (sever side) error occurs due to the fact that free keys have time limit, but they should not. We apologize for inconvenience.
    Version 1.0.030522 initial version

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