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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

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15 MAR 2010 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
15 FEB 2010 - Version 1.6.6.RC1
BUG Fixed bug which occurs in VS .NET IDE when renaming of files.
21 JAN 2010 - Version 1.6.6.RC0
BUG Fixed bug for annotate and view commands of the history dialog that happens for files that was renamed in repository.
ADJ Library linked against SVN 1.6.6 code.
ADJ Updated build-in conflict editor and merge tool. Added support for files with unix linebreaks and improoved color highlighting.
21 AUG 2009 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
14 AUG 2009 - Version 1.6.3.RC0
ADJ Library linked against SVN 1.6.3 code.
06 AUG 2009 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
14 JUL 2009 - Version 1.6.0.RC3
BUG Fixed freeze bug which is caused by incorrect behavior of progress dialog in several of IDE
BUG Reenabled catching of windows exceptions (SEH)
BUG Fixed crash bug in ISVNClient::Copy function which prevent normal work of branching functionality.
BUG Fixed memory leak bug in authentication functions which cause IDE freezing when opening big projects.
15 JUN 2009 - Version 1.6.0.RC2
ADJ Several bug fixes applied for x64 installation package
ADJ SwitchScc utility has been ported to x64 platform
BUG Fixed regression bug in SccPopulateList function which prevents submitting of known files to IDE
ADJ Corrected behavior of SccDiff and SccQueryInfo functions to provide more correct information when file has difference against repository. This fix improves PowerBuilder functionality.
ADJ Added ability to make a true diff of local file with repository when corresponding options are specified for SccDiff function. This fix also greatly affect PowerBuilder behavior.
11 MAY 2009 - Version 1.6.0.RC1
ADJ Add 128-bit encryption support for sasl plugin DIGEST-MD5.
30 APR 2009 - Version 1.6.0.RC0
NEW The plugins' source code was transfered to modern platform and it gave us opportunity to compile 64 bit version of the plugins.
NEW Library linked against SVN 1.6 code.
NEW Add new option "Close progress dialog window in 'X' seconds of inactivity.".
NEW Add new option "Remove local changes when updating files before checkout/undo checkout.".
28 APR 2009 - Version
BUG Fixed problems with double slashes and UNC paths.
BUG UpdateFileStatus now pays attention to the svn:externals property, like SccGetLatest does. This is necessary to show the status of files in PowerBuilder correctly.
BUG "Undo Checkout" fails if the file has svn:needs-lock attribute and is missing in the working copy.
BUG In some cases dialog boxes asking about conflict solving can appear under "Progress Dialog" window, that causes blockage of IDE interface.
27 FEB 2009 - Version
BUG Fixed leak of memory in CSVNClient::AddFiles.
BUG Fixed function SccQueryInfoEx for PB. Now it takes files' version numbers from repository.
BUG Fixed function CSVNClient::CheckOut. Now its befaviour shouldn't differ from "svn checkout" command behaviour.
15 OCT 2008 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
30 JUL 2008 - Version 1.5.1.RC0
ADJ Library linked against SVN 1.5.1 code.
28 FEB 2008 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
ADJ Speeded-up off-line work of the plug-in with complex projects.
NEW When performing "Undo Check Out" warning arises if the files has been modified.
BUG Fixed error of RWmonitor localisation.
31 JAN 2008 - Version 1.4.6.RC2
ADJ Updated SVNCOM to version.
BUG Now we create subprojects in the parent project folder instead of repository root. Also we use requested project name as the base name for the new subproject when creating unique names with "_N" suffix.
BUG Deadlock fixed (discovered under VC++6 and Vista).
BUG "Select SVNURL..." window became locked (and blocked all IDE!) after a new module creation, if the window appeared that asked user for a commit message. (VS2005, VS2008)
BUG Don't create progress window if corresponding option is turned off (in order to improve compatibility with different buggy IDEs). "Save repository bindings" dialog enlarged to fit the message.
BUG Fix for 'Advanced Get Options' in VS2005. New option added to plug-in settings. When this option is turned on, SccEnumChangedFiles reports fake 'changed' status for all files, and 'Get...' dialog works like in VS2003. It's also possible to hold 'Ctrl' button when 'Get...' dialog opens to invert this option.
BUG Don't ask user about repository bindings when "Update to rev." or "Remove from repository" action was selected.
NEW If the plug-in can't get current SVNURL from the base location, it shows "Select SVNURL..." dialog. Previously it just exited silently from EnsurePathControlled and returned false. + Some code cleanups related to CLocation usage.
NEW New button "Don't save" allows to refuse saving of repository bindings with "one click".
11 OCT 2007 - Version
BUG Fixed bug with using non-ASCII symbols.
ADJ Updated SVNCOM to version.
02 OCT 2007 - Version
BUG Bug with adding spare system folders while working with MS Access is fixed.
BUG Finally fixed bug with falling CVSCOM.
BUG Finally fixed bug with verifying online/offline server status.
BUG Bug with saving some entrase file in XML format fixed.
29 AUG 2007 - Version
ADJ SVNCOM client updated to version 1.4.5
BUG Fixed error in background process on checking repositories' accessibility.
BUG Fixed error of Diff dialog which appears on comparing files that specified by URL in repository.
23 AUG 2007 - Version
ADJ The support of external definition svn:extarnals is improved. Added opportunity to show external link revision.
ADJ The support of external definition svn:extarnals is improved. Now folder with svn:externals inside may be situated in uncontrolled folder.
ADJ Improved Progress dialog performance.
BUG Fixed plugin "freezing" while working with :svn-ssh: protocol.
BUG Fixed "freezing" of PowerBuilder on connecting project to Source Control.
BUG Fixed save settings error in Vista.
BUG Fixed error of casual adding of modules into repository.
24 JUL 2007 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.
2 JUN 2007 - Version 1.4.5.RC2
NEW Added Help for svn+ssh protocol settings.
NEW Added recursive catalogs receiving by means of SccGet.
NEW Extra info was added in log output while adding files under control.
NEW Compatibility with MadCap Flare is added.
BUG Fixed progress dialog «freezing» .
BUG Fixed memory leak.
BUG Fixed problem with "online/offline" status detection of repository.
BUG Fixed error on working with code which has «svn:externals» key.
BUG Fixed Diff working for unicode and binary files.
BUG Fixed adding of existing folder into repository using protocol «file:///».
BUG Fixed cashing of currently used repository.
ADJ Removed caching of repository structure while operating with "Open from/Add to Source Control ..." dialogs.
ADJ IDE closing with problem repository is sped up.
ADJ Restored automatic filling-in of the revision fields on opening «Diff» dialog from «History» dialog.
13 MAY 2007 - Version 1.4.5.RC0
NEW New features for working with revisions, tags and branches are added.
NEW New option is added - to set 'svn:needs-lock' property for all files being added
NEW Comment links in history dialog are clickable now
NEW BugTracking mechanism is added in history dialog
ADJ 'Repository graph' representation is improved
ADJ Speed of receiving of different file versions through Diff Dialog is increased
ADJ 'Help' is updated
BUG An error with cache nullification on opening new project in already opened IDE is eliminated.
BUG Some errors with system status indication are eliminated
BUG An error occured on comparison of text files including white characters is fixed now.
23 JAN 2007 - Version
NEW Plug-in is VISTA compatible.
NEW Progress bar in RWMonitor was added.
NEW The page of editing of auxiliary lists (list of known ROOTs, list of known MODULEs) was added.
ADJ Some typing errors in the English translation was corrected.
15 NOV 2006 - Version
NEW For better compatibility with other Subversion GUI tools added several configuration options which control how plug-in determines checked-out file status. Options allows to choose combination between file lock state, file modification and local checked out tag.
NEW Support for Subversion 1.4 by usage of SVNCOM Check the SVNCOM history for details.
ADJ Slightly changed conflict resolution logic to prevent appearing of conflict markers when user declines suggestion to resolve conflict right after update.
ADJ Added warning message when user attempts to change source control bindings to incompatible settings which requires to use "svn switch" first.
ADJ Added scroll control for file selection dialog which appears when user requests to show history for objects which consist of several files.
ADJ Added option to not show revision graph in history dialog right after it appears. It might be useful when such operation takes too much time.
BUG Fixed long delays issues when working in offline mode.
BUG Fixed issue with substitution of %mine version for conflict resolver tool.
BUG Fixed issues with adding of binary files when file type is explicitly supplied by IDE.
14 JUL 2006 - Version
BUG Fixed bug for "get(overwrite)" operation in history dialog.
BUG Fixed problem with not working "Keep checkout" option on checkin.
10 JUL 2006 - Version
ADJ Few internal fixes and version change.
19 JUN 2006 - Version 1.3.1.RC2
ADJ Added new variables for diff and merge - %file_name, %first_rev, %second_rev, %ancestor_rev.
ADJ Fixes for MS Embedded VC++ 4.0
BUG Removed debug assertions from SVNCOM
17 MAY 2006 - Version 1.3.1.RC1
NEW Fully redesigned history dialog. Now it shows information in Tortoise alike style plus have an ability to show repository graph. The functional enhacments include: ability to modify revisions properties and paging for large history lists.
NEW Improved procedure of conflict resolution. Now it is possible to resolve conflict at any time and not only right after it appears.
NEW Added support for 3-way compare tools for conflict resolutions.
NEW Added support for bug id input and validation according to Tortoise SVN specs.
ADJ Used SVNCOM 1.3.1_RC1. Check the SVNCOM history for details.
04 APR 2006 - Version
ADJ Ability to consolidate files on check-in or add operations is restored.
ADJ PushokRWMon service not not configured to run when windows start, confirmation is required now.
30 MAR 2006 - Version
ADJ Implemented fixes for compatibility with Micorsoft FoxPro
ADJ Implemented fixes for compatibility with SlickEdit
BUG Corrected problem with showing of differences for files on branches.
09 MAR 2006 - Version 1.3.0_RC3
ADJ Used SVNCOM 1.3.0_RC3. Check the SVNCOM history for details.
ADJ PushokRWMon utility now has an per-folder configuration options. It is possible to configure behavior for unspecified folders (should they monitored or not) and exclude or include specific folders for monitoring using pushok:rwmon attribute. This attribute can be added as svn property of folder or placed into .pushokprops file.
Version 1.3.0_RC2_100206
NEW Added new utility - PushokRWMon. This utility solves issue with read-only files behavior. PushokRWMon runs in background and monitor changes of "entries" files adjusting read-only flag as necessary. It enables it when file is not "checked out" and disables otherwise.
Version 1.3.0_RC1_010206
NEW Support for all new functions of Subversion 1.3
NEW Support of new SCC API 1.3. This greatly increases plug-in usability and provides better compatibility with VS 2005.
NEW Direct usage of SVN client code through SVNCOM. It helps in solving all problems with national encodings in file names and comments. Also it brings at least 50% in working speed working in client filesystem mode and up to 100% in client server mode.
NEW "Launch source control" operation now provides two substitute variables %URL and %PATH. This allows to configure standalone GUI (Tortoise for instance) to open something specific to these things.
NEW Installer now is MSI based.
ADJ Progress dialog is appearing better and contains progress bar working for http and https protocols.
ADJ Plug-in now supports all authentication schemes and interactive authentication. It also can work without authentication caching.
BUG "Bind to SVN" (Open from source control) now appears without delays.
Version 1.2.4_051024
NEW Support for all new functions of Subversion 1.2
NEW Reserved checkout mode support based on new «svn lock» command and «svn::need_lock» file attribute.
NEW Enhanced status information. Now both «need update or out of sync» and «checkout by someone else» are available.
ADJ Improved off-line mode operations. No more timeouts, or long IDE freezing.
ADJ Lot of optimizations and improvements for internal architecture.
Version 1.1.7_050503
ADJ Speed optimizations that will decrease time for initial (open from)/(add to) source control up to 30%.
Version 1.1.6_050419
NEW Commit message guard which will check existence of commit message and request is as needed.
ADJ Extra status cache, small improvements in speed.
ADJ Translation now use gettext compatible .po and .mo files. Any updates in language are welcome.
ADJ Starting from this version each release will be tested by our automatic SCC testing system.
BUG Fixed problem that cause plug-in to freeze some time after exiting from IDE or reopening project.
BUG Spaces in file names sometime cause problems.
BUG Removed localized date from history dialog.
Version 1.1.3_050125
NEW Full documentation is available now.
NEW PL SQL and MS Access compatibility fixes.
ADJ Some speed enhancements in status determination.
BUG Fixed problem opening projects from source control when project/solution file not located in root folder.
BUG Fixed problem with status determination when user name contain spaces.
BUG Fixed dependancy problem for some runtime libraries.
Version 1.1.0_041029
NEW Linked agains SVN 1.1.0 client (support it new features like fsfs repositories)
NEW Option to work with working copies with the "_svn" sandbox instead of ".svn" is added. It corresponds to TortoiseSVN patched version that is compatible with VS.NET WebProjects.
BUG Fixed minor problem with server online/offline status determination.
BUG Difference dialog now allows change SVN URL as it was designed initially.
BUG Trailing slashes in SVN URL or starting slashes in module now not cause any problems.
Version 1.0.040820
INFO First offical release of 'Pusok SVN SCC proxy' is released.
ADJ 'Check in' (commit) now is better group files, to make the minimum commit commands.
ADJ 'Open from source control' command now produces local copy that can contain (optionally) subfolders not registered in IDE.
Version 1.0.040813 RC1
INFO Finally all planned functionality for release 1.0 are in place. We started to use plug-in for some of our internal projects. During one or two weeks, if no any serious issues will be found, we finally release version 1.0.
NEW Support for read-only flag for local working copy. Now the behavior with checkout status is absolutely correct. IDE always will suggest to checkout file before editing. However the solution for this problem is to patch SVN client code (very simple and safe). The same patch applied for TortoiseSVN and svn.exe. You can download them from our site to get advantages of this option. Option now switched on by default.
NEW Implemented function to detect file deleting.
BUG Problem retrieving new files from repository for already opened project.
BUG Error in diff dialog accessing network repository.
BUG Fixed several minor bugs.
BUG Problem with "hang" process after closing of IDE.
Version 0.1.040804 (beta 3)
NEW Installation now shipped with SVN client 1.0.6
NEW Implemented file and folder renaming support.
NEW Added support for 3 way visual compare tool
NEW Added option to compare different files (for SVN tag and branches implementation)
BUG Fixed problem when SVN URL contain server port
BUG Fixed problem with missing versions in history dialog
BUG Fixed problem with line breaks in log message
BUG Fixed several minor bugs
Version 0.1.040625 (beta 2)
ADJ SccQueryInfoEx (advanced support for PowerBuilder) function is implemented.
ADJ IDE binding logix is changed to allow work with SVN "tags" and "branch" versions.
BUG Spaces and other not letters chars now handled correctly both in folder paths and file names.
BUG Read-only flag now processed correctly if appropriate option is switched on. Please note that read-only flag for files is highly desirable to work within IDE, but not compatible with other SVN clients.
BUG Online/offline state of SVN server/repository now determined correctly.
BUG Local file system after version pulling now is compatible with other SVN clients.
BUG Bug with server browsing is eliminated.
Version 1.0.040428 (beta 1) initial version

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