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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

How to register

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Before registering our software you should download and launch it. Thatís because the registration wizard controls registration process on the software part. This wizard will be started automatically if your registration key is invalid. This is possible in several cases: you do not register software at all, the time period for the registration key became invalid, the hardware configuration is changed on your PC. The exact reason cannot be determined locally, so you will have to go to our site to get a new registration key.

Dependently of the presence of Internet connection on your PC the registration process can be performed in automatic or manual mode. You should choose the registration mode (automatic recommended) and press "Next" button.

Automatic registration mode (online demo)

  • Choose do you existing or new user. Press "Next" button.
    • If you existing user, just type your login and password. Press "Next" button.
    • If you new user choose your login and password and specify your name. Press "Next" button.
  • Choose the license from list. Press "Finish" button.

Manual registration mode (online demo)

  • Submit the program serial key to our web site:
    a) If you able to open in IE explorer our web site on this PC, just press "Press this button to open" button. Type your login and password (or register as new user).
    b) If your PC not have access to Internet press "Copy to clipboard" button. Transfer serial key to any other Internet enabled PC, and open there this link Type your login and password (or register as new user)
  • Press the "Generate key" link
  • If needed paste from clipbard program serial key.
  • Press "Generate key" button
  • Copy registration key to clipboard and transfer it somehow to the registartion wizard.
  • Press "Finish" button

Please note that the registration key depends on PC where you use software, so for the commercial using on different PC's you should have different licenses. I.e. our license applies only to one PC.

If you have any problem or questions please contact our sales department. Thanks for the interest to our programs.

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