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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.


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Pushok Software Co. Ltd distributes its own program products on the basis of the underwritten licensing rules. The rules are effective since 2003.01.01 till the present time.

Basic principles

Depending on the license type, you are authorized to use all functionalities of the Program during a certain limited time period (trial) or unlimited time period (commercial). Among other things this means that there is no functional difference between trial and commercial versions of the Program, and you always know what exactly you have gained (will gain). Unless otherwise specified, the commercial license implies: unlimited lifetime, technical support without time limitation (e-mail) and one year of free updating (obtaining of new versions). We reserve to ourselves the right to define these conditions more exactly for each particular program and to specify them explicitly. However, changes are not applicable to the earlier purchased licenses.

Types of commercial licenses

Single user license -  only one user is authorized to install the Program on not more than 3 computers (for example, home, work, portable).

Multi-user license -  the Program can be used by any number of users, but the Program is authorized to be installed on not more than specified number of computers. I.e., purchasing a license of this type you have to specify the quantity of the computers in service.

The cost scale for both types of licenses is flat. That is, the price of 10 single user licenses is the same as the price of one multi-user license for 10 PC's. This implies that in some sense a single user license is cheaper than a multi-user license, since it authorizes usage of the Program on a greater number of computers. However, control of 10 single licenses is more complicated than that of one multi-license for 10 computers.

Thus, summarizing mentioned above, we can say that for individuals or small groups (2-3 users) a "single user license" is more suitable, while "multi-user license" is better for large groups and companies. Indirect difference in cost completely agrees with our philosophy.

License distribution

Regardless of the license type, trial (received automatically) or purchased commercial, the same way of license distribution is used. We call it "online" license. First of all, obtaining of a license is impossible without creating an account on our website. Under this account a license with online access is opened. With online license you can get a registration (activation) key for your Program when it is necessary, for example, at the first program start, after hardware reset or version updating. You can also save the obtained key and use it later. It is necessary to mention that you have access to other online services such as: online support, subscriptions and voting.

Licensing control, transfer of licenses

For all license types a limited number of computers is specified on which installation of the Program is authorized at the same time frame. We trust our clients, however for fighting against pirates registration keys should be obtained online from our web site. For purpose of obtaining of registration keys, the Program generates serial key - random sequence of characters unique for particular computer. Each time when serial key is used to obtain registration key we consider this as "Activation". In other words "Activation" is equivalent to the usage of license on particular computer. That is, we reserve to ourselves the right to disable key generation when your license exceeds a certain number of activations. We take into account possible erroneous activations and other accidental factors, so you are permitted to make activations in a quantity, which is more than twice larger than the number of computers for the authorized installation. Besides that, the activations expire during a certain time period (several months), which enables transfer of licenses to new computers or reinstalling the existing ones. Thus, as a rule, for real users all these things remain seamless, since threshold number of activations is never achieved.

For multi-user license type with large number of workstation we can suggest simplified license control and distribution scheme which is available upon request.

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