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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

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 17 Jun 20 06:00 Klaus / Stihler Electronic Gmb (user) said about Teststand 2019 does not show PushOk as SCC
Edit : after installing the 32bit Plugin instaead of 64bit, i can select
Push-OK in Teststand, but all menue entries for "Source control" remain
disabled, and the configApp still seems to be unregistered ...tried trwice
after change to 32bit
 17 Jun 20 06:00 Klaus / Stihler Electronic Gmb (user) said about Teststand 2019 does not show PushOk as SCC
just installed eval of PushOK SVN SCC Plugin, but even after registration
the tool cannot be selected in Teststand.
Tortoise SVN=64bit, 1.7.15
PushOK = 64bit 1.7.13
Teststand 2019=64bit
Path to Tortoise GUI checked

The ConfigApp still shows "update registration", although did it twice on
two different PC and Message "succesful regsitered"
Trying to use SVN Tool reesults in "cannot create SVNclient" - no shure if
this points to a solution

any sugestions?

best regards
 24 Apr 20 04:00 NYS (user) said about GIT SCC Proxy plugin issue
With in the website , I am not able to generate a key - based on the
serial # generated by our Tool. I do not get the option to generate the
key. I don't see anything under the owned software.
 22 Apr 20 04:00 Torsten Strauch (user) said about Not able to generate a (trial) key
Dear team,

Only today, I registered as a customer as I want to evaluate the GIT SCC
Plug-In. However, when initiating the same, it prompts for a license key
which I wanted to create according to your step-by-step description.

However, as soon as I reach the "Owned software" section, I don't see a
"Generate Key" link. So how can I register my product here?!

Thank you very much - am looking very forward to your reply.

Sincere regards,
Torsten Strauch
 01 Apr 20 04:00 MCCG Tech (user) said about Cannot Renew PushOK - Repeats after clicking FINISH
We are blocked.
Please help.
PushOK says that the registration worked...
then it will restart from the beginning.
I cannot get past this point and I am blocked.
 20 Mar 20 03:00 Bob Gobey (user) said about License purchased but unable to activate

I have purchased the license today but still not able to activate it.
Please help me to fix this ASAP. Its very urgent.

Aditya Saini
 28 Feb 20 02:00 Arnaldo Teodoro (user) said about Move Licence

Move the license of user for the user

He just got a new workstation!

Thank You.
 23 Jan 20 01:00 Protective Life Insurance Comp Tom Bratina (user) said about Registration provides a key but then continues to say it is unregistered
Registering PuskOK in PowerBuilder 10.5. It appears to work and gives me a
key to paste into PB but then tells me "Your copt of
appears to be unregistered...."

Here is the serial and license keys that were generated:

Program Serial Key:

License Key:

After we paste the Lcense Key into the plugin it still says it is

Please email with a resolution. Thanks!
 12 Nov 19 11:00 Steve (user) said about Trying to migrate our environment to the cloud, registration server isn't allowing us to use our license on the new machine.
We are a long standing customer, in the process of migrating our
environment to cloud servers. We need pushok running there, but it won't
take our licenses. Need help getting properly generated license (when I
try to apply our current one it says we need UNIX 1.x package, which isn't
on our license, although it should be).
 15 Aug 19 08:00 Max (user) said about 64 Bit Git SCC plug in
I cannot get the plugin to start properly on my machine, it crashes every
time i select start interface.

I can see that it is only 32bit, the SVNSCC plugin required was 64bit to
work, is there a 64 bit version if GitSCC plugin??

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