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Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

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 23 Jan 20 01:00 Protective Life Insurance Comp Tom Bratina (user) said about Registration provides a key but then continues to say it is unregistered
Registering PuskOK in PowerBuilder 10.5. It appears to work and gives me a
key to paste into PB but then tells me "Your copt of
appears to be unregistered...."

Here is the serial and license keys that were generated:

Program Serial Key:

License Key:

After we paste the Lcense Key into the plugin it still says it is

Please email with a resolution. Thanks!
 12 Nov 19 11:00 Steve (user) said about Trying to migrate our environment to the cloud, registration server isn't allowing us to use our license on the new machine.
We are a long standing customer, in the process of migrating our
environment to cloud servers. We need pushok running there, but it won't
take our licenses. Need help getting properly generated license (when I
try to apply our current one it says we need UNIX 1.x package, which isn't
on our license, although it should be).
 15 Aug 19 08:00 Max (user) said about 64 Bit Git SCC plug in
I cannot get the plugin to start properly on my machine, it crashes every
time i select start interface.

I can see that it is only 32bit, the SVNSCC plugin required was 64bit to
work, is there a 64 bit version if GitSCC plugin??
 17 Jul 19 07:00 Telmar Africa (user) said about Detected broken serial key. Please make sure that nothing is lost during copy/paste operation.
We are getting an error message when trying to generate a license key. I
already logged a call yesterday and nobody responded. Please can you
urgently look into this.

The program serial key i am trying to activate is:


This is quite urgent and affecting our developer's work.
 03 Jul 19 07:00 FraGround (user) said about Can GIT SCC be used with one registration by multiple users?
Hello PushOk-Team,

I have the question above, whether it is possible or not.

As a company it would be easier to manage the registration for our
developers by one person and not by everybody itself.

Otherwise if there is no way else, everyone who will using GIT SCC at our
company creates his own account to register GIT SCC as free.

I would be very grateful for a feedback!

Yours sincerely
Yannick Link López
 03 Jul 19 07:00 ukrumsiek (user) said about PushOK in combination with svn takes much time for SccPopulateList
When i call SccPopulateList for a svn module the call takes really much
time. I can see that PushOK creates a temp folder under %TEMP%/UDSAA63 for
example and stores all files from the whole repository. After this is
finished the content of the folder is removed again. The callback for
SccPopulateList contains only the files under the given svn module as
My questions are:
Why the whole repository is worked even i want only the files under a given
svn module?
Can i change this behaviour, because the repository is very large and i
want only a part of it given by the svn module?

The current behaviour is not acceptable, because the call can take more
than a hour only for getting a list of files of a svn module.
 17 May 19 05:00 Josh (user) said about curl-ca-bundle.crt
I'm trying to use the plugin with Magic xpi.
I'm getting the following error when I try to push to our repository.

Error: error: error seting certificate verify locations
CAfile: /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt
CApath: none
while accessing

Do you have any suggestions for a solution?

Does this look to be an issue with a missing path? The crt file that is
referenced here is in the pushok directory and the bin.

Thank you for any help that you can recommend.
 14 May 19 05:00 XLsoft China (user) said about Please help to transfer the license to end user
I placed an order of PushOK SVN SCC plug-in, 4 user license for my client.
Can you help to transfer below license to end user of
I try to email you but nobody replies me for long time.

Now your license(s) is(are) finally ready. License(s) reside at under your account:
Password: cfcd208495d565ef66e7dff9f98764da_hash

Using this login information, you can generate (get) license keys for the
purchased software. Detailed instructions are available at:

NOTE: license keys can be obtained and activated only by end-user(s).

License agreement and other common licensing rules can be found at:

Questions and problem messages can be submitted at:!

Thank you for supporting our software.

Pushok Software Team
 19 Mar 19 03:00 DIBP (user) said about Generate licence key
trying to use the powerbuilder plugin, need to generate a key, can find the
"generate key" button on your website !!
 14 Mar 19 03:00 Renishaw plc (user) said about GIT-SCC and GPL
Please could you confirm the license conditions of your GIT-SCC product?

You have bundled Git, which is licensed under GPLv2, with your
proprietary-licensed software. The bundled CvsConflictEditor is also
GPL-licensed. You have not made any source code available. This appears to
be in violation of the GPL. Please could you check this?

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