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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

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Error when attempting to start sccdispatcher.exe

( SCC Dispatcher )
Type: Public Status:Closed Created: 27 Feb 05 02:00 Updated: 09 Mar 05 03:00
--> Evgeny Zaritovsky (user)  at 09 Mar 05 03:00 writes

You alternative URL works. Now it's ok.
--> Igor Pushkov (admin)  at 09 Mar 05 03:00 writes

Well, this is error in installation executable. This executable
packaged with NSIS 2.x. I not think there any errors there.
It is possible that some error happens when you download file. Can you
try this from alternative location:
--> Evgeny Zaritovsky (user)  at 09 Mar 05 03:00 writes

Right. I have successfully downloaded the file and when I start it from my
local disc, I get the error descibed earlier.
--> Igor Pushkov (admin)  at 09 Mar 05 03:00 writes

Sorry, just to make things clear. Do you mean that you cannot start
the downloaded installation?
--> Evgeny Zaritovsky (user)  at 01 Mar 05 03:00 writes

sccdispatcher does not start - can it be fixed?
--> Evgeny Zaritovsky (user)  at 27 Feb 05 02:00 writes

When I start downloaded sccdispatcher.exe file, I got stabdard windows
application error titled "sccdispatcher.exe has encountered a problem and
needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.".

My environment is WinXP SP2 with latest updates. I also use SCCSwitcher and
you CVS & SVN CSS Proxy.
sccdispatcher_runtime_error.JPG  sccdispatcher_runtime_error_eventlog.JPG 
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