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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

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Version 1.2.2_041223 (current version, 2004 December 23)
NEW Viewer for Java (MIDP2.0) enabled phones is available.
NEW Capability of exporting data to SQL/CSV files is added.
ADJ Now the converter (export utility) creates a file for a mobile platform of a smaller size.
BUG Database save confirmation now appears only when real changes were made.
Version 1.1.040531
NEW Viewers for Palm PCs and Windows CE platforms are available.
NEW (Free) viewer for Windows is available.
NEW Capability of database printing with various formatting options is added.
NEW Capability of exporting database to HTML is available.
NEW Separate utility for item type modification is implemented.
NEW Full program documentation is available.
NEW Flat viewing mode is implemented.
NEW Group item support is added (like the multi-CD box).
Version 1.0.030901 (initial version)
INFO Version with basic functionality.

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