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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

GIT History

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22 JUN 2010 - Version 1.0.0.RC3
BUG Fixed bugs that caused a crash IDE:
   1. Inability delete temporary files for diff.
   2. Incorrect call dialog of the "Settings of Plugin".
17 JUN 2010 - Version 1.0.0.RC2
BUG Fixed bug of MS Access compatibility.
26 MAY 2010 - Version 1.0.0.RC1
ADJ Updated GIT to version .
ADJ Added support a GIt-SVN tool.
07 MAY 2010 - Version 1.0.0.RC0
ADJ Released first version of GIT plug-in based on GIT .

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