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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

Lightweight embedded Node.js database with MongoDB API.

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SVN SCC updating annual report.

We are glad to congratulate all our colleagues and customers with coming
New Year holidays.
We wish you luck and success in all your activities.

First of all we ask to excuse us for non-regular posting of news and we
promise that in new year you we will do this much better.
Dispite of this fact there were lot of news in this year.
We did several version releases of SVNSCC plug-ins with dozens of

Download link:

You might look to summarized list of change s below:

11 OCT 2007 - Version
BUG Fixed bug with using non-ASCII symbols.
ADJ Updated SVNCOM to version.

02 OCT 2007 - Version
BUG Bug with adding spare system folders while working with MS Access is
BUG Finally fixed bug with falling CVSCOM.
BUG Finally fixed bug with verifying online/offline server status.
BUG Bug with saving some entrase file in XML format fixed.

29 AUG 2007 - Version
ADJ SVNCOM client updated to version 1.4.5
BUG Fixed error in background process on checking repositories'
BUG Fixed error of Diff dialog which appears on comparing files that
specified by URL in repository.

23 AUG 2007 - Version
ADJ The support of external definition svn:extarnals is improved. Added
opportunity to show external link revision.
ADJ The support of external definition svn:extarnals is improved. Now
folder with svn:externals inside may be situated in uncontrolled folder.
ADJ Improved Progress dialog performance.
BUG Fixed plugin "freezing" while working with :svn-ssh: protocol.
BUG Fixed "freezing" of PowerBuilder on connecting project to Source
BUG Fixed save settings error in Vista.
BUG Fixed error of casual adding of modules into repository.

24 JUL 2007 - Version
ADJ Released stable version of plug-ins.

2 JUN 2007 - Version 1.4.5.RC2
NEW Added Help for svn+ssh protocol settings.
NEW Added recursive catalogs receiving by means of SccGet.
NEW Extra info was added in log output while adding files under control.
NEW Compatibility with MadCap Flare is added.
BUG Fixed progress dialog «freezing» .
BUG Fixed memory leak.
BUG Fixed problem with "online/offline" status detection of repository.
BUG Fixed error on working with code which has «svn:externals» key.
BUG Fixed Diff working for unicode and binary files.
BUG Fixed adding of existing folder into repository using protocol
BUG Fixed cashing of currently used repository.
ADJ Removed caching of repository structure while operating with "Open
from/Add to Source Control ..." dialogs.
ADJ IDE closing with problem repository is sped up.
ADJ Restored automatic filling-in of the revision fields on opening «Diff»
dialog from «History» dialog.

13 MAY 2007 - Version 1.4.5.RC0
NEW New features for working with revisions, tags and branches are added.

NEW New option is added - to set 'svn:needs-lock' property for all files
being added
NEW Comment links in history dialog are clickable now
NEW BugTracking mechanism is added in history dialog
ADJ 'Repository graph' representation is improved
ADJ Speed of receiving of different file versions through Diff Dialog is
ADJ 'Help' is updated
BUG An error with cache nullification on opening new project in already
opened IDE is eliminated.
BUG Some errors with system status indication are eliminated
BUG An error occured on comparison of text files including white
characters is fixed now.

23 JAN 2007 - Version
NEW Plug-in is VISTA compatible.
NEW Progress bar in RWMonitor was added.
NEW The page of editing of auxiliary lists (list of known ROOTs, list of
known MODULEs) was added.
ADJ Some typing errors in the English translation was corrected.

15 NOV 2006 - Version
NEW For better compatibility with other Subversion GUI tools added several
configuration options which control how plug-in determines checked-out file
status. Options allows to choose combination between file lock state, file
modification and local checked out tag.
NEW Support for Subversion 1.4 by usage of SVNCOM Check the
SVNCOM history for details.
ADJ Slightly changed conflict resolution logic to prevent appearing of
conflict markers when user declines suggestion to resolve conflict right
after update.
ADJ Added warning message when user attempts to change source control
bindings to incompatible settings which requires to use "svn switch" first.

ADJ Added scroll control for file selection dialog which appears when user
requests to show history for objects which consist of several files.
ADJ Added option to not show revision graph in history dialog right after
it appears. It might be useful when such operation takes too much time.
BUG Fixed long delays issues when working in offline mode.
BUG Fixed issue with substitution of %mine version for conflict resolver
BUG Fixed issues with adding of binary files when file type is explicitly
supplied by IDE.

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