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Major update of SVN SCC plug-in - versions 1.7.2 are finaly released

Major update of SVNCOM version 1.7.2 are finaly released

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Help to start the best a project with PowerBuilder/PushOk/SVN

( SVNSCC , 10.2.1,, XP SP2  )
Type: Public Status:Closed Created: 17 Feb 09 02:00 Updated: 18 Feb 09 02:00
--> Igor Pushkov (admin)  at 18 Feb 09 02:00 writes

PowerBuilder uses SCC API (any source control system, not only CVS or
Subversion) to manage pb objects only. It does nothing with pbl management.
This means that it can publish changes which are made in existing object so
they will be visible for team memebers. However when either new object is
created or existing object is deleted PB does nothing to publish these
changes. It knows about both adding of object or its deleting through .pbg
file which contain listing of all object files managed by source control
system. But it doesn't want to make anything with this information.
All the above that such changes like adding or deleting objects in .pbl
files should be managed somehow manually. The same manually .pbl files
should be deployed during initial binding of working copy to repository.
I'can provide the advise of the best practicies to manage such things. I
know that users somehow find the most appropriate way for this, but not
know which it is. Also all the above is not the specific of using of
subversion or cvs with PB. The same issues will appear using any source
control systems with PB, so I think answer about the best practicies can be
obtained somewhere in PB community sites.
--> Bernard TORRES (user)  at 17 Feb 09 02:00 writes

I would like to add another question : what must be the file properties of
the file during the first creation of the project into the repository ?
This question is about PB objects and PBLs.
--> Bernard TORRES (user)  at 17 Feb 09 02:00 writes

Hi PushOk team,

I have posted some weeks ago a question about "get latest version"
operations and attribute files.

But, now, our project is stopped because we have many problems with the
configuration management tools : some modifications made on an earlier
release or by others developpers were lost and we now we are maintained
under pressure by our customer because we are incapable to manage correctly
the releases of our project !!!

Last year, we worked only with PBNative and we hadn't any problem. All
modifications done by a developper were available for others users, the
process to manage PBLs and PB objects was simple.

Since end 2008, we have to work with SVN in order to manage correctly our
PB sources (!). But we have a lot of problems.

So, we would like to continue working with PushOk/PB/SVN but we need a full
explanation about the different steps to follow in order to initiate a
project :
- what do we need as PB objects : PBLs only, PBLs + all PB objects, ???
- how are managed changes by different users on the same object ? As SVN
manages changes only into text files, how are managed the modifications
into PBLs ???

We tried to find explanations into your documentation/the net/other
projects but without success.

Please, help us quicky : we need a clear and full explanation about "how to
start a project with PB and PushOk".
Thanks in advance,
Bernard Torres
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