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CVS :ext: configuration

Type: Public Status:Closed Created: 04 Apr 05 04:00 Updated: 07 Apr 05 04:00
--> Igor Pushkov (admin)  at 07 Apr 05 04:00 writes

Putty package have the pagent.exe utility. You need launch it. It
appears in tray area. Then click on it and choose option "Add key" to
add your private key. After that all should work. You not need to
press login button, all will work without this.
To be sure that passwordless connection work you can just launch
putty.exe, choose your server and connect. Then you will be prompted
for login name, and _without any prompts_ for password you should be
passed to server.
--> Joao (user)  at 06 Apr 05 04:00 writes

I'm trying to configure a password less connection. I've managed to get a
public and a private key. The public is on the server, and i've got the
private on my computer, but i don't know how to use it automatically to do
the login. I'm using the putty as the CVS_RSH.
After i manage to acomplish this i have to use the login button in the
CVSROOT menu, and i'll be able to use the CVS without any password?

Thks again for the help.
--> Igor Pushkov (admin)  at 05 Apr 05 04:00 writes

Login is not required for :ext: protocol. You have two options:

1. Configure password less connection as mentioned in faq. This can be done
using public/private keypair. Let me know if you need more details on

2. Use the "" CVSROOT and login
command. :ssh: protocol is the CVS NT extension which automates the
submiting of the user name and password when establishing of the
passwordless connection is impossible.

3. Another option is to establish with ssh secure port forwarding of your
local port to server port 2401. In that case it will work faster and
CVSROOT will look like this ":pserver:jsgm@localhost:2411/~jsgm/PADI".
--> Joao (user)  at 04 Apr 05 04:00 writes

Hi. I'm trying to use your product to have the best of CVS in VS.Net
but i'm having some problems configuring it.

I saw you FAQ ( and tryed those
steps to be able to get the CVS to work, but i'm having the following
I configured the CVS_RSH to C:\Program Files\Putty\putty.exe and in
the CVSROOT menu of VisualStudio i've setted it to
When i try to login and after i entered the password it shows this
message: " [login aborted] The :ext: protocol does not support the
login command
If CVS reports that .cvspass file is absent, please create it as empty
file at the path CVS reported"
If i try the check button another error accurs: "Putty internal Error.
Invalid port number".

The folder in the server is already CVS initialized, but it seems that
i cannot connect to it, and i don't understand why.

Thank in advance for the help

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